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Get Grok, the halforc rat catcher FREE with all orders over £40 until the end of May

If you spend £40 on resin minis you're eligible to get him in resin, and if you spend £40 on STLs you're eligible to get him in STL format. Please note that you'll only get him in resin if you are buying products which will be physically shipped.

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We are currently working on restructuring our product listings to make it easier to find the things you want. Instead of having a separate product for the STLs and Resin models, we will be gradually replacing them all with a single product where you will need to select the version you want when you add it to your basket. Please bear with us whilst we make these changes!


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A selection of free models to get you started!  All of our miniatures are perfectly supported to guarantee you great results when you print them, provided you've calibrated your printer properly.  

Use these to verify your printer settings so that you can eliminate supports as a variable in the success of your printing and its one less thing to have to worry about.  

Print ¦ Paint ¦ Play

All of our miniatures are designed and sculpted with over 34 years of miniature gaming hobby experience. Bringing you a lifetime passion and love for miniatures that you won't find elsewhere. Everything is sculpted from the point of view of both a painter and a gamer to make sure they are perfectly suited to use both use in tabletop gaming and display painting.

All sculpted, printed and painted by Master sculptor Dan Kelly. STL files are supplied with supported versions included in Lychee Slicer (.LYS) format so they are scalable and editable to suit your needs. All of our miniatures are verified to be printable, a joy to paint and are robust enough to be used in your games.

Unless specified otherwise, all miniatures are sculpted at 32mm scale, and all resin prints are supplied in 32mm scale with an appropriate sized plastic base.

A 120mm sized 32mm scale model of Ifrit inspired by Final Fantasy. The model is shown on the build plate of an Epax X1 4K  with all supports still attached

Presupported STL files

All of our miniatures are supplied with supports designed using Lychee Slicer and test printed on either a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k or Epax X1 4K.  This helps us to ensure that the prints are totally reliable. 

Supports are designed for prints as low as 25 micron Z resolution (the optimal resolution for a balance of time and detail!) Our Resin of preference is Phrozen Aqua Grey 4K .

To further ensure the best possible print, we recommend calibrating your printer using the Cones of Calibration from Tableflip Foundry.  You can download the file for free from their website by clicking on the image below.

Our supports are guaranteed to give you one of the best printing experiences you've ever had! Are we allowed to use the term "printgasm"?! :-)

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What Our Customers Say

Ultimate Sculptor!

"This guys sculpting cannot be described with a mere 5 star review, it’s positively sublime. I once commissioned this guy to sculpt both myself and my partner. He not only achieved the required result he exceeded them." Adam Dodge

High Quality Sculpts and Prints

"I've been very happy with the miniatures from Lion's Tower so far. The sculpts are excellent and full of detail, and the resin prints are some of the best I've seen. Great stuff, happy to use them in my games." Kato

Can't Praise These Guys Enough

"Can't praise these guys enough. Kind, helpful, friendly and a wonderful product" Hugh Foster

Love it!

"Bought the STL for the half-orc barbarian. The print was clean and everything turned out great. The other players at my table were jealous of my awesome mini. Signing up for a Patreon sub!" Devin M

Very Happy returning Customer

Quick delivery considering they 3D print your models to order. Absolutely great models in perfect condition, with loads f character to them." John Duxbury

Great quality prints very well priced

"Great communication regarding orders or any customizations including size alterations, huge selection and extremely well-priced very happy and we definitely recommend quick delivery very well packaged all-round very happy" T187

I met the owners at a games convention....

"I met the owners at a games convention a few weeks back. They had a wide range of products on show but not what I was looking for. After talking to them I was directed to the website. The site was easy to use and offered a great selection of products. Ordering was easy shipping was also on time and the products are perfect. 5 stars will definitely use again." Phillip Lucas