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Love our minis and want to Commission your own  miniatures? 

Dan has been sculpting miniatures for over 20 years and still regularly takes on Commission sculpts and will even do the design work for you.  Whether you are a commercial powerhouse looking to expand a range or a small independent business looking to get one or 2 pieces done, we can help you.

We've worked with dozens of companies over the years to produce everything from complete fantasy miniature ranges through to huge bundles of scenery.

What kind of miniatures can we commission?

In theory you can commission anything you like in any scale you like, but our primary specialism is 32mm & 28mm scale fantasy miniatures and terrain.  We will undertake any historical sculpts for you as long as adequate reference is provided (we know how particular historical gamers can be about details and accuracy!) and the same for scifi models where style and design in the given setting are important. 


How will I receive my models? 

All models will be shipped digitally as STL files plus Lychee supports if you have requested them.  STL supports can also be provided if required.  Files will be sent via email/Discord once they are finished and the final model has been repaired in Netfabb and analysed to ensure there are no concerns for printing. The Zbrush .ztl files can also be provided at additional cost.

We will typically retain the files for 2 years following the date of hand over, after which the files will be deleted from our drives, so please ensure that you save them and back them up soon after the files are delivered.

Who owns the rights to the models?

The Lion's Tower owns all sculpts until the final bill is paid.  Once the models are finished and the final invoice has been paid, the files will be supplied and all rights to the models will be transferred to you. 

How much does a miniature cost to commission?

All jobs will need to be priced individually, especially larger items, but as a ball park figure, we charge £450 for a single 28mm or 32mm scale fantasy miniature.  

Modifications of this miniature including reposes and the like are then done at 50% of the price provided that at least 50% of the original model remains intact. 

For example, a unit of 10 models in uniform can all have a unique head and some customisation such as accessories, non-uniform detailing, weapons etc, using the same basic body.  The fee for this would be £450 for the first sculpt, plus £225 for each of the remaining 9 for a total of £2475.

How much deposit is required for a custom sculpt?

We ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to be paid up front in order to secure the commission.  This allows us to book the job in and allocate appropriate time for the sculpt to be completed, whilst also ensuring commitment from the client.

How long does a custom sculpt take?

The sculpt time varies from model to model due to the level of complexity. We typically aim to have the model completed within a 3 month window, though if you have deadlines to be met and need the sculpt expedited we can discuss this, though an additional fee may be required to jump the queue.  This may not always be viable though depending upon the quantity and Dan's immediate workloads but we'll always work with clients to accommodate as best as possible.

How long after paying the deposit does it take before the sculpt can begin?

Prior to paying the deposit we will provide you with an approximate start date and end date.  We will update you when we begin working on the sculpt.

Can you make models to be cast in metal or resin or only for 3D printing?

Dan is very experienced in sculpting for all of the above production methods, but you MUST inform us of the intended production method before sculpting begins.  Changing the method of production part way through a sculpt once the work has begun will incur modification charges as considerations for each production method vary greatly. 

What do you need from me to sculpt my model?

The ideal reference would be detailed line drawings in orthographic projections showing the front and back of the character, plus a sketch showing the desired pose.  We can however work from any kind of photographic reference or written description, though were the design is not given explicitly in a pictorial form we will need to charge an additional £100 design fee. This is because the nature of the task changes from "sculpt this please" to an iterative process with lots of back and forth and the duration of the job typically extends out - "I like this bit but can you please change X, Y and Z".   

Will the sculpt be lifelike?

No, not at all!  We sculpt miniatures that are scale appropriate, so if you require a 32mm scale miniature, we will account for all of the stylisation and exaggerations that are required to make it printable, paintable and also able to be handled without breaking (under normal use).   The larger the scale the more detail we are able to include and the more lifelike a sculpt can become, but our number 1 priority is always ensuring the end product is as good as can possibly be in the given scale.  View any of the products on this site to get an idea of what to expect quality wise.

Can you modify one of your existing models for me to have a different head/weapon/etc?

We do not offer this as a service as such, but on occasion we have been known to make alterations from a customer request and add the product to our store for purchase by everyone.  We cannot allow this to be done as a commission as the rights to the model will belong to the Lion's Tower and any models made in such a way are not commercially viable for use by third parties. 

Can you Style Match a sculpt to an existing miniature range?

If you can send us some sample miniatures from the range that you would like to match, then we can ensure that the new sculpt stylistically fits, the only exception to this will be if we do not believe that your chosen style is viable and would mean a compromise on the integrity of our work.  

Can you do the supports for me?

We can!  we're experts at supporting miniatures and our supports are guaranteed for easy removal and an efficient cleanup so if you're printing to order it helps you to streamline your workflow.  We will test print all models for you too to prove that the supports work.  For an average 32mm scale hero model we charge £40 for supports including the test print.  If you would like 

Can you sculpt the model on a live stream and provide me with the recording?

Of course we can, but we will need to charge a £50 per stream fee to cover the admin end of preparing the video for you as we'll need to edit the video to remove the soundtrack, adverts, breaks etc.

How do I book a commission?

Simply contact us on this website requesting a commission.  We prefer to deal through Discord as it keeps track of all of the conversation so please send us your Discord username and we will send you a DM to start the ball rolling.  

I have other questions that aren't listed here! 

No worries, send an email to or contact us using the chat button on this website and we can talk and help you to get your questions answered.

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