Our STL Support Services

Do you want the best quality supports for your miniature range?

If you're here you will already know that we make amazing miniatures, but you may not know that we do also offer a professional supporting service too.

What makes our supports so great?!

Our supports are designed in such as way as to ensure perfect prints every time whilst minimising damage to the model and also minimising the cleanup required after removal from the build plate.  Its a technique developed over years and you'll be hard pressed to find better supports anywhere!

Dan has been 3D printing resin miniatures since 2015 and has learned a lot about the process and has absolutely nailed the process.  If you've never experienced our supports (and that amazing feeling that we like to call a "Printgasm"!), we would absolutely encourage you to go to our Free STLS collection  (HERE) and try them for yourself. 

In over 7 years of resin printing experience in a professional capacity we have test printed every model to ensure that the supports are viable.  This has helped us to instinctively know where supports will be required outside of the immediate islands typically shown with island detectors, or the often clunky and cumbersome auto support functions.  We hand place every support to ensure that the customers are happy and able to operate their businesses smoothly.  

It is our aim that models should remove from the supports with little to no damage at all, and that you shouldn't need to do more than nick off a couple of small internal supports with the tip of a blade.  A typical cleanup on a model takes us less than 10 seconds.  Time is money as they say, so these supports are worth their weight in gold!!

Not only that, but we typically use far less support material than a standard auto- support function, with our support volume clocking in at an average of just 54% of the auto-support volume. This means a saving in waste materials and the cost of your waste (albeit a very small amount in the grand scheme of things!), and that's good for the environment and good for your pocket!

How much does your support service cost?

We can provide professional supports for you starting at £40 for a single 32mm scale miniature.  Every job will need to be priced separately and larger and more complicated models will cost more. Please contact us using the Contact button on our website or email dan@ltminis.com

Do I need to pay extra for my test prints?

You do not need to pay extra for your test prints, but if you would like them posted to you we will require you to pay shipping fees as per our web store shipping rates.

What Slicer do you do your supports in?

We use Lychee Slicer Pro for all of our supports.  The reason we use Lychee is that the supports can be very easily amended or adjusted, so that if you require larger tips or thicker supports, or you have 

The supports don't work for me, what's going on?

We test print and verify every model that we support before releasing the files.  We use Phrozen Aqua 4K resin and a Sonic Mini 4K for most of our test prints.  It may be that the resin you are using requires some alteration to the supports, but we can't account for that in the support design unfortunately.  You will need to manually adjust the supports to suit your specific needs.  

We also recommend that you visit https://tableflipfoundry,com and download The Cones of Calibration from them.  This calibration print file will help you to get your resin dialed in within a few attempts and reading the results really is an idiot proof process!  

Can you take photos/videos for me to show online?

We can, but we need to charge for the time it takes to set up and take the photos and record and edit the videos.  We charge £10 per model for our photography package which includes a photograph of the model with supports attached, a second photograph with supports removed and a 50 second turntable video post support removal.