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The Lion's Tower

Vrock on a rock (32mm scale resin miniature with MDF base)

Vrock on a rock (32mm scale resin miniature with MDF base)

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 This product contains a single high quality 3D printed miniature, supplied fully cured with support material removed, ready for painting. 

The set includes the Vrock on a rock, as pictured.

Miniatures come with MDF bases supplied by Sarissa Precision.

"In the dimly lit chamber, the acrid stench of brimstone hung heavy in the air as a lone Vrock, a grotesque and towering demon, perched upon a jagged rock. Its feathers rustled, and its crimson eyes gleamed with malevolence as it surveyed the group of adventurers who had ventured into the depths of the Abyss.

The adventurers, a motley crew of warriors and spellcasters, stood their ground with weapons drawn and spells at the ready. Their faces were etched with grim determination, but trepidation gnawed at the edges of their resolve.

The Vrock's beak-like mouth twisted into a wicked grin as it spread its wings menacingly, sending a flurry of feathers into the air. "Ah, brave mortals, you dare to enter my domain," it hissed in a voice like tortured souls. "What brings you to this wretched pit of despair?"

The leader of the adventurers, a battle-hardened warrior, stepped forward. "We seek a powerful artifact rumored to be hidden in these accursed depths. We know you possess knowledge of its whereabouts."

The Vrock cackled, a guttural, mocking sound that sent shivers down their spines. "Knowledge, you say? I have it, but I don't part with it for free. What will you offer in exchange?"

The adventurers exchanged nervous glances. They knew that dealing with a demon was always a perilous gamble, but their quest left them with no other choice. The warrior took a deep breath and offered, "We have gems, gold, and rare relics. Name your price."

The demon's eyes glittered with avarice as it contemplated the offer. "I desire not your trinkets, mortals. I seek something more... intriguing. Tell me, what would you give for the knowledge you seek?"

The adventurers pondered for a moment, then the spellcaster of their group stepped forward. "We have a proposition, foul creature," the wizard began, trying to keep his voice steady. "We'll offer you our assistance in a task of your choosing, one that suits your demonic inclinations."

The Vrock's eyes narrowed, and it leaned forward, its talons digging into the stone. "Go on," it hissed, clearly intrigued.

The wizard continued, "We've heard tales of your insidious dance, a vile ritual that you enjoy performing. We shall be your unwitting participants, and by aiding you in this debauchery, you shall guide us to the artifact we seek."

The demon's grin widened, revealing rows of sharp, jagged teeth. "A tempting offer, indeed. But, understand this, mortals: once you partake in my dance, you shall forever be tainted by its darkness. Do you accept this accursed bargain?"

The adventurers shared another solemn look, and the warrior nodded. "We accept."

With a malicious chuckle, the Vrock extended a winged arm, and a parchment materialized in its clawed hand. It inscribed the ritual details, explaining every grotesque movement and gesture. The adventurers accepted the scroll, knowing that this sinister alliance was their only chance to claim the artifact they sought.

And so, the unholy pact was forged in the depths of the Abyss. The adventurers would dance to the twisted rhythm of the Vrock, embracing darkness to unearth hidden secrets. In this malevolent alliance, both sides knew that betrayal lurked in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

The Vrock, ever the cunning demon, had played its own game, and the fate of both the adventurers and the artifact hung in a precarious balance, swaying with the cadence of wicked dance in the heart of the Abyss."

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Prints are carried out on a resin 3D printer with a <37 micron XY pixel resolution, and printed at 0.25mm layer height.  This ensures the best possible quality for you. 

Our resin of choice is Phrozen Aqua 4K - it is fantastic for picking up the detail on the miniatures and has enough flexibility once fully cured to be robust enough for regular handling and gaming. 

The printed models are thoroughly cleaned to remove any excess resin from the surface and all support material is removed* and the model is quality inspected to ensure that it meets our high standards.  They are then cured so they are safe for you to handle.

Some of our models may be supplied in multiple parts, and all are supplied with a separate base.  Simply test fit the parts dry so that you know how the model assembles, and then use superglue to fix the components together.  After holding the parts together for a few seconds, the glue should have cured and the parts will be fixed securely. 

The resin we use for 3D printing is UV curing, so exposure to UV light is what turns it from a liquid into a solid.  We supply the models perfectly cured and cleaned, ready to paint and game with.  Exposure to sunlight may continue to cure the resin resulting in a more brittle finish.  To preserve the flexibility of the models, please paint them as soon as possible - even a simple coat of primer is enough to block the sunlight and prevent excess curing.

*There may be some fine micro supports around the miniature but these can be quickly and easily removed using a scalpel or hobby knife.  

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