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Kingdom of Talarius - Order of The Behemoth Ogre Berserkers (Set of 5)

Kingdom of Talarius - Order of The Behemoth Ogre Berserkers (Set of 5)

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This product contains STL files for the Order of the Behemoth Ogre Berserkers from The Kingdom of Talaruius range, consisting of 5 miniatures. These models are heavily armoured and come equipped with dual cleavers.

Our STLs are redeemed automatically to you after you complete your purchase.  You will receive the raw STL files which have been repaired in Netfabb to ensure trouble free files, and also the Lychee files for supports – This allows you to rescale the model, whilst maintaining the relative size of the support tips. You can also export your chosen files as supported STL files should you wish to use any other slicer. Please check our Hobby Tips section of the website for more information on these processes.

Talarius is a melting pot of races, with Humans, Orcs, Elves, Demonkin and catfolk all commonplace. Dwarves are less common but are seen occasionally, and then there are Ogres. Ogres are not monsters, but are enormous sentient humanoid creatures. They are not known for having the sharpest of intellects, but what they lack in brains they make up for in strength. In civilian life you will find Ogres working as doormen in taverns, labouring at the forges and on farms, and assisting in warehouse operations. They are commonly recruited as mercenaries because they are simply a fearsome sight on the battlefield and few people will want to stand toe to toe with even a single one of them!

Ogres are drafted into the military service like any other citizen of Talarius, and those that choose to remain on as professional soldiers often have developed a love of a good fight. Civilian life will almost certainly lead to disastrous consequences for them, but King Garmond saw another way to make good use and also keep them out of trouble. He spoke at length to Artun of Fer’air, one of the first Ogres that had ever been recruited into the Kingsguard. This of course meant he was incredibly disciplined and loyal, but more than that, Artun was particularly intelligent for an Ogre and had a keen mind for tactics. Garmond asked Artun to take these combat enthusiastic Ogres under his wing and instill in them discipline, learn about their abilities and design some special tactics that would make the best possible use of them.

Artun took 5 of these Ogres from their mandatory service and took them out beyond the Drakespine mountain range and onto the Plains. They disappeared for 3 years.

One day there was uproar in Oakesgate! Garmond looked out of the window of the palace and saw civilians running around the streets screaming. The screams suddenly stopped and turned to cheering. What was going on?! Garmond took a detachment of Kingsguard with him and rode out into town. In the town square, they were greeted by a group of feral looking ogres accompanied by a massive Behemoth! The horned and spined creature was immense in its size and strength and terrifying to behold, but amazingly it stood there calmly and did not appear to be a threat.   Artun and his retinue had returned.

Artun greeted Garmond and explained to him that this Behemoth was him, and he was it. It had been his tactical inspiration. When he had first seen the magnificent creature, it had been attacked by a hoard of feral goblins and trolls that had tried collectively to bring it down. It had charged at them using its massive horns to rend the unfortunate creatures in its path. It had swiped out with its huge limbs and spike tail and wiped out scores of goblins, and even in the face of overwhelming numbers had refused to go on the defensive and had instead relied on its enormous mass and had gone into a wild rage, attacking relentlessly. Seeing the total obliteration of their kin, the remaining trolls and kobolds had simply scattered and run away.

The Ogres adopted this combat technique and sought out challenges to refine it. The best Defence was a berserk Offence! Let the attackers in and then show them true might and fury!

When they finally approached the Behemoth, there was no fear, there was no apprehension and there was no aggression on either side. The Ogres and the behemoth were on the same level and the behemoth understood Artun implicitly. They had created a soul bond - a magical connection where both spirits were united and each is spiritually a part of the other. From this moment on, Garmond named Artun and his Ogre Berserkers the Order of the Behemoth. Of course first on his list to do was to visit the smithy and get them fitted out with some strong armour! if they weren’t going to practice defence, Garmond still wanted his soldiers protected!!

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