New Sculpts for February Release - Ghouls

New Sculpts for February Release - Ghouls

This month I'm working on some ghouls and ghasts and maybe a ghoul king if time permits.  They're a requirement in the Descent into Avernus campaign so I wanted to make sure I addressed them, but it also helps to bolster my collection of undead minis.  I've sculpted enough to make a unit for skirmish games and I've even made sure that the running ones have a few little terrain anchors to help give the models stability.  

Now I referred to them being Undead as I always think of them that way due to playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles for so long (and being a Vampire Counts player at that!).  However it appears in D&D both ghouls and ghasts have a demonic origin.  

Whilst I'm fairly comfortable with the concept of a ghoul, the ghasts baffled me a bit - I'd have thought of them as spirits if I'm honest but it seems theres not a lot of difference between them and ghouls other than the ghasts being a little more intelligent (kind of making them ghoul champions for lack of a better term), but then reading into the stories a bit I came across a snippet about elves being off the menu for ghouls but not for ghasts who are quite partial to a bit of elf flesh, and some references to dwarves being turned into ghasts so for a bit of future work this will open up some racial variant sculpts to add some interest.  I've already got one of the Ghasts done so far and made this one an elf.

These rotten little ghoulies will be included with this months Patreon and Tribes bundle and will be added to the webstore once all of the supports are complete and verified.  

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