New Releases - December 2022 - Knights of the Shield Warband

New Releases - December 2022 - Knights of the Shield Warband

The Knights of the Shield are a secret society who manipulate politics and trade to their own ends. Unknown to those who know of the society and even to most of its own members, they work in service of the Archdevil Gargauth,   Whilst they have their own soldiers, most of their senior ranking members are politicians, nobles, merchants and other individuals in positions of power and influence.

After sculpting them all live on stream, the Knights of the Shield have now been finalised and added to the web store.  You can buy them in both Resin and STL as always


The next set of sculpts has not been fully decided yet, other than it will contain some Dragonlions by Patron request, and also a continuation of the Infernal legions, with imps, a Narzugon (fallen Paladin on a Nightmare - that one should be fun!)  and a few Bulezaus (goat like demons).  

If you have anything you'd like to request, please join the Patreon and send your requests over for consideration/voting.  And if you'd like to help shape the models as they're made, don't miss our Twitch streams where I'll explain my design choices, the factors that contribute to the styling of the models and many other things.   Follow and watch on Twitch HERE

And now that lot is all covered, lets have a look at the Knights of the Shield models up close

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