New Products for May

New Products for May

We were a bit behind on admin last month and didn't manage to get around to loading up Aprils new miniatures but we've caught up now and they are in store ready and available for purchase.

City Watch 2023 set 2 features Hugh Foster, Richard Smith and his Shetland Pony Lucy, Nerdhalla, Josh from the Pickle Jar, Elston from Elstonation and also myself (as a Dwarven sergeant).  

We've also added the Barbed Devils who love nothing more than a lovely cuddle (you may not appreciate it quite so much with all those spiny barbs over their bodies though!).  They're also quite nervous, anxious devils and tend to fidget with fire before throwing a ball of it at you!  We offer them in a squad of 5 so you can give your players a challenging encounter!

Set of 5 barbed Devils with eyeless masks

 In addition to these, I've been working on some new NPCs from the Descent Into Avernus campaign and these will also be added to the store shortly.  Traxigor the otter mage (well, technically he's a polymorphed human, but he's now an otter), and Lucille the Infernal Fiend, Commander of the Infernal legion.  One is very tiny and one is pretty huge!  Can you guess which one is which?!

Lucinda - The Infernal Fiend, Commander of the Infernal Legion

Tarkago, otter mage

Are there any characters that you're looking forward to seeing? 

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