Forest Spirits ready to help your adventurers on their journey!

New products added to the store!

We've now added March's sculpts to our webstore, all available as usual in STL (plus Lychee supports) and Resin.  

In anticipation of the new Zelda Tears of the Kingdom game coming out in May, our son Jacob (the sculptor of our awesome Beholder mini!) has been playing through trying to 100% Breath of the Wild before he gets his hands on the new instalment.  As homage to this fantastic game, I just had to make these little Forest Spirits!  They're little guys, about the same size as our Imps and Quasits, and we've split them down into 4 sets of 5 models a piece.  

I've also been working on some City Watch models as the old set are quite popular but quite dated now as they were some of the first models I released on my Patreon back in 2019 and I felt that they needed a bit of an update.   This time, I've done them all in the likeness of real people - some of whom you may know and others maybe not.  They are friends, streamers, hobbyists, patrons and customers.  

In this first set we have the following characters:

Constable Graham (Ross Graham from Fauxhammer), Constable Bunka with his vicious attack rabbit (Ian @ Bunka Gaming, Constable Porter (Kev @ the Hobby Corner), Corporal Strawberry ( Maja @ RedStrawBaby), Sergeant Rosey (Dominic aka Rosey @ White Rose Dragon) and Finally, Constable Spud making a comeback as a model on his own this time (Sean aka Spud from Chillcon)

the Second set of City Watch models are being worked on right now (in fact we have a live stream today (20th April) making some more of them for the April release.  Be sure to check in, and if you'd like your own likeness added to the Watch please let us know! 


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