A collection of 8 Bearded Devils

July 2022 Devil Legion Preview - BARBAZU!

I’ve been working for the last 6 months or more on content to be used in my Descent into Avernus campaign. So far I’ve Covered off pretty much all of the miniatures that you’ll need for the Baldur’s Gate leg of the adventure, We’re just about to step into Elturel, but first I had need for one of these guys. I figured that as the shock troops of the devil legions, its not unreasonable to assume that we’d be encountering units or squads of them (pity the players!!).

For those of you that play Table top wargames like Age of Sigmar (AOS), Frostgrave or Kings of War, they will also rank up nicely and should make a nice Devil/Demon unit. Be sure to subscribe during July to get these first!

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