Feedback Wanted - New Armies pending!

Feedback Wanted - New Armies pending!

Good afternoon all!  I hope you're all keeping well! It's been a few years now since the Kingdom of Talarius army Kickstarter Finished.  Since then I've gone on to make miniatures that are compatible with the Descent into Avernus D&D campaign, but after a couple of years of chipping away at that, I need a break from that project so I've returned to army sculpts.

At present, I've got 3 armies that I'm working on and I'd love to hear from you as to which you'd like to see next:  I have the Neotoma (mutant ratmen), The Green Hoard (A goblin army), or the Legions of the Damned (Undead with Vampires, Liches, Necromancers etc).  

Below is a render of the first unit of Neotoma Miscreants (pack rats)

Then we have the Legions of the Damned.  There are already a good selection of undead in my range but they need bulking up to units.  I've also recently made some skeletal horse and Skeletal Camels who will get riders to add some cavalry to the units.  And then we have the Vampire Lords, Dracula and Alucard:

Finally, the least advanced of the ranges is the Green Hoard.  My goblins are sculpted in a similar style to the titular goblin in the video game Styx: Master of Shadows.  I have goblins with spears, swords and bows so far, and plan to add wolf and spider riders.  I'm torn between going the D&D route and adding hobgoblins and bugbears, wolves, barghests etc to the mix or to stick closer to the GW structure with Orcs, great orcs, trolls, giants and the like - If you've got an opinion on this please let me hear it! 

So there are your 3 choices and I can't wait to hear back and find out your thoughts and opinions. 

I'm also open to adding to the Kingdom of Talarius, so i may also revisit them and add some more troop choices and war machines in the near future, so again please let me know if you have a particular request for this one.


Before I let you go, I'd also like to share my current project with you all.  If you're on my mailing list theres a chance you may have seen this already, but I've been working with a German game designer called Max who is a massive Final Fantasy fan like myself.  A few years back he pitched me the idea of "Final Fantasy Tactics as a miniatures game".  I instantly loved the idea, then he showed me the game he'd designed and I loved it even more.  We began work developing and refining it, and as of this month we've put pre-orders live.  We were going to do a Kickstarter, but after a number of high profile companies funded large projects and then failed to deliver them, we were a bit wary that this might damage trust with the backers.  Instead we're self funding and have already produced hundreds of sets of miniatures and are putting the finishing touches on our printed material.  We're publishing in both English and German language (native tongue translations by myself and Max).

below is some of the artwork, renders of the miniatures and some photos of the game in action.  if you like the look of it you can head over to to find out more, download the rules in pdf format for free and pre-order anything that takes your fancy!  We'll be aiming to ship in May 2024 so you've only got a little over a month to get a pre-order in and get the pre-order exclusive free mini!

Thanks guys and All the best!


If you got this far, thanks for looking!!  I've got a special discount code you can use at my main webstore ( to get 20% off STL files and resin minis by using the code CHILL at checkout.


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Love the rats (skav..) Drac looks better then other one but both are better then anything I can do so. Gobo looks amazing!! Should i start a gobo army this would where i would start.

Alex Murray

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