Alan Alyth the barkeep, Skoona and Klank the bouncers and a hipster waiter sculpted as part of the Elfsong Tavern release for Baldurs Gate Descent into Avernus

End of Stream update 24/10/23

End of Stream update guys!    I've been working on the Tavern staff for the Elfsong Tavern in Baldurs Gate: Descent into Avernus.  Previously I made the Barkeep, Female half Ogre bouncer and started work on the Animated Armour bouncer. Today I've finished the animated armour and also done a male hipster waiter! :-)  These will be out as part of October's set along with as a minimum another waiter and a trio of chefs.  

Next month I'll add a group of pirates and start doing some of the requests I talked about before.  

Also, for those of you looking for a hefty discount, it's my 40th Birthday coming up soon, so until the 5th November there is a 40% discount available to all Patreon subscribers.  You can sign up for as little as £4 a month on the silver tier which gives you access to all of the component library, welcome pack and access to subscriber only content.  Of if you want to get each months eligible STL releases, you can sign up for the Gold Tier - there are a few of the Founder level left at £6.50, otherwise its £8.50, and you're always guaranteed excellent value from your subscription!



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