Announcing "The Warlock" - a 75mm Kickstarter Exclusive diorama mini

Announcing "The Warlock" - a 75mm Kickstarter Exclusive diorama mini

I've been working on this model for a long time now - I had originally intended that she would be Kickstarter ready for around October 2022, but I was a little put off by the job I'd set myself in making all the furniture!  But she's finally ready and will be launching on Kickstarter very soon.  

The model is a 75mm scale miniature but will scale up to about 120mm quite nicely.  She comes in multiple parts and the table and rat are offered separately.  She will be provided as straight forward STLs and also in Lychee with supports completed for you (and test printed and verified as with all of our models).  

We'll also be selling this model in resin for the duration of the campaign, so you'll have a chance to grab a copy of her for yourself even if you don't have a printer!

Not only that, but our previous Kickstarter exclusive model, The Barbarian, will also be making a comeback as an add on, so if you missed her the first time round, you've now got another chance to buy her too!

Don't miss out - be sure to follow along with the campaign by signing up to be notified here:

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