What games can we use The Lion's Tower models in?

What games can we use The Lion's Tower models in?

We've been working on a few of our own games, the first of those is Crystal Collapse which is exclusively supported by a bespoke range of 40mm scale miniatures designed with an anime aesthetic.  

Crystal Collapse Cover Art

Crystal Collapse is such a big game in terms of world building, characters, stories and the like that we decided that it needed its own website, so if it sounds appealling to you, you can head over to https://crystal-collapse.com and begin your adventure!  be sure to register an account when you arrive and you'll be enlisted into the Valeria Crystal Seekers Guild where you can earn achievements, crystal shards, level up your guild rank and earn exclusive rewards including free miniatures!


The rest of our range whilst it does not yet have it's own game system, has multiple uses.  We try to make groups of models that can be used for units to make up armies for use in mass fantasy battle games such as Warhammer Fantasy/the Ninth Age or Kings of War. You can make up warbands for skirmish games such as Mordheim, Frostgrave, Age of Sigmar and Saga, and you can use them for Tabletop RPG games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Cursed Empire, and so on.

We are also working on a number of other gaming systems for you in the background which will hopefully bring you something a little different in terms of gameplay.

King Garmond of the Kingdom of Talarius

Overall, our miniatures are 32mm "true scale" which means they don't tend to have the exaggerated "heroic" proportions that you find with ranges like Games Workshop with oversied heads, hands, feet and weapons.  That said we do make some exaggerations in the interest of usability for the miniatures as perfectly realistic proportions simply don't translate well into the scale - you'd lack detail, definition and some parts would be so thin that they'd have no structural integrity and would warp, bend, break and otherwise just be unsuable.  

Whatever game you choose to play with our miniatures though, we have no doubt that you will not be disappointed!

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