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The Lion's Tower

Seraphis, Incubus

Seraphis, Incubus

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In the city now engulfed in infernal chaos, amidst the swirling flames and prowling demons, there moved a creature of dark seduction and deceit—a shape-shifting incubus known as Seraphis. With a flicker of his form, Seraphis could become anyone, his beauty a mask to hide the corruption that lay beneath. He thrived in the chaos, feeding on the fear and desire of those who crossed his path.

Seraphis roamed the beleaguered streets, his appearance shifting seamlessly from one alluring guise to another. One moment, he was a handsome nobleman, his eyes promising safety and solace to those in need. The next, he became a beautiful maiden, her smile a beacon of hope amidst the carnage. Yet, beneath each form lay the true intent of an incubus, ever hungry for the essence of souls.

One evening, he found his way to a half-collapsed tavern, its once lively atmosphere now a refuge for the desperate. The survivors huddled inside, their eyes wide with fear, their hopes dwindling with every passing hour. Seraphis entered, adopting the form of a ruggedly handsome warrior, his armor gleaming as if untouched by the chaos outside.

"Friends," he called out, his voice rich and soothing, "I bring news of a safe haven, a place untouched by the demons' wrath."

The weary eyes of the patrons turned toward him, hope flickering in their depths. Among them was Elara, a young sorceress whose magic had thus far kept the demons at bay. She scrutinized the newcomer, her instincts warning her of unseen danger.

"Where is this haven you speak of?" she asked, her voice tinged with skepticism.

Seraphis smiled, a gesture meant to disarm. "Not far, just beyond the western hills. I can lead you there, but we must move quickly."

Elara's eyes narrowed. "And why should we trust you?"

Before Seraphis could respond, a scream pierced the air—a demon had found its way inside. In the ensuing chaos, Seraphis moved with preternatural speed, his guise flickering to reveal his true form for but a moment. He lunged at Elara, intending to feed on her life force and leave the others to their doom.

But Elara was ready. With a flash of arcane energy, she cast a binding spell, ensnaring Seraphis in chains of shimmering light. The incubus howled, his form shifting uncontrollably as he struggled against the magical bonds.

"You're not what you seem," Elara said, her voice steady despite the danger. "And you will not feast on us tonight."

As the other survivors rallied, driving the demon back into the night, Seraphis found himself overwhelmed. The sorceress's spell held him fast, draining his strength. With a final, desperate effort, he broke free and fled into the shadows, his pride wounded but his hunger unquenched.

The tavern's patrons gathered around Elara, their relief palpable. She met their grateful gazes with a determined nod. "We must stay vigilant," she warned. "For the city is full of monsters, and not all of them wear their true faces."

And so, the battle for survival continued, with Seraphis lurking in the shadows, ever hungry, ever watchful, waiting for the next opportunity to sate his insatiable hunger amidst the chaos of a city teetering on the brink of damnation.

This product contains Seraphis the Incubus, a single miniature sculpted in 32mm scale to match the rest of our range.


The STL variant of this product is supplied as repaired STL files, LYS supported files and supported STL files. Presupports are professionally done and designed to remove beautifully (provided you have dialled in your printer settings). They are guaranteed to give you one of the best printing experiences you've ever had! Are we allowed to use the term "printgasm"?! :-)


The Resin version contains 1 high quality resin miniature, printed to 32mm scale.  All support material is removed prior to shipping and the resin is fully cured to ensure that it is safe to handle.  We will also supply an appropriately sized round MDF base per model.  No additional cleaning is required, simply glue the model to a base using Cyanoacrylate glue (superglue) and paint it.

All models are printed to order and you will join the print queue in the order in which your order arrives with us.  We can print the miniatures in 28mm scale if you wish, just please ensure that you let us know after placing the order or on your order notes when you complete your purchase. 

Please note that our resin models are UV cured and prolonged exposure of the resin to sunlight will continue to cure the resin and may cause it to go brittle in time.  To avoid this please paint the models as soon as you are able (this also helps you to keep your pile of shame to a minimum!).  You only need to prime them to prevent the over curing. 

Miniatures come with MDF bases supplied by Sarissa Precision. 



Shipping & Returns

Production and Shipping 

Please note that all orders placed through this UK website are produced at and shipped from Lion Tower Miniatures Limited (Trading as The Lions Tower), located in Solihull, UK.

We are not currently registered for VAT so there should be none to pay on any orders whether UK or international.  


STL files and other digital products are already loaded into the product, and once added to your basket and paid for, will be added to your library.  Please ensure that you use a registered account in order that you can come back to download the products when you need to. 

All of our physical products are 3D printed to order on a first-come-first-served basis.  Please allow up to 10 working days for us to process your order. During busy periods this may be a little longer but you will be kept up to date on progress. 

Prints are carried out on a resin 3D printer with a <25 micron XY pixel resolution, and printed at 0.25mm layer height.  This ensures the best possible quality for you. 

Our resin of choice is Phrozen Aqua 4K - it is fantastic for picking up the detail on the miniatures and has enough flexibility once fully cured to be robust enough for regular handling and gaming. 

The printed models are thoroughly cleaned to remove any excess resin from the surface and all support material is removed* and the model is quality inspected to ensure that it meets our high standards.  They are then cured so they are safe for you to handle.

Some of our models may be supplied in multiple parts, and all are supplied with a separate base.  Simply test fit the parts dry so that you know how the model assembles, and then use superglue to fix the components together.  After holding the parts together for a few seconds, the glue should have cured and the parts will be fixed securely. 

The resin we use for 3D printing is UV curing, so exposure to UV light is what turns it from a liquid into a solid.  We supply the models perfectly cured and cleaned, ready to paint and game with.  Exposure to sunlight may continue to cure the resin resulting in a more brittle finish.  To preserve the flexibility of the models, please paint them as soon as possible - even a simple coat of primer is enough to block the sunlight and prevent excess curing.

*There may be some fine micro supports around the miniature but these can be quickly and easily removed using a scalpel or hobby knife.  

Shipping Costs

Shipping from the UK to anywhere in the world is a big deal for us! We ship all our orders via Evri as our first choice.

In our shopping cart your shipping costs are dynamically calculated as you add products, so there should be no surprises at the checkout.

To provide you with a guide, our shipping costs break out into the following tiered prices by zone.  Please be aware that you are responsible for any Customs charges or import duties applied by your country.

United Kingdom (g)

0 - 1000: £5.00
1001 and up: £8.00

European Countries - Zone 1 (g)

0 - 250: £5.70
251 - 500: £7.20
501 - 750: £8.20
751 - 1000: £9.30
1001+ : £10.20

European Countries - Zone 2 (g)

0 - 250: £5.80
251 - 500: £7.40
501 - 750: £8.60
751 - 1000: £9.60
1001 + : £10.70

European Countries - Zone 3 (g)

0 - 250: £6.70
251 - 500: £8.60
501 - 750: £9.90
751 - 1000: £11.30
1001+ : £12.30         

North America - World Zone 1 (g)

0 - 250: £8.20                                                                                                          251 - 500: £12.00
501 - 750: £14.70
751 - 1000: £17.50
1001+ : £19.70

World Zone 2 (g)

0 - 250: £9.70
251 - 500: £14.30
501 - 750: £17.40
751 - 1000: £20.60
1001 + : £23.50

Rest of the World - World Zone 3 (g)

0 - 250: £10.50
251 - 500: £16.10
501 - 750: £18.90
751 - 1000: £22.50
1001+ : £26.00

Standard Service

Parcels sent by Evri in the UK, usually take 1-2 working days from shipping to arrival at your door. Shipping to the US and usually takes 5-10 days with this method. See below for estimated timings for other countries.  

The following chart shows delivery times by country:

Ordering Country

Delivery Time (Working Days)*

UK 1-2

Western Europe
Czech Republic/ Ireland/Luxembourg/Poland


Southern Europe


Eastern Europe & Scandinavia


European Islands

USA 5-10
Canada 5-12
Rest of World 5-10

*Delivery time does not include the time it takes to print, pick and pack the order. Delivery times are estimates. Orders can take up to 14 Days (UK) or 28 Days (RoW).

UK customers should receive their orders, on average, within 2-4 days of dispatch. Evri states they’ll deliver within 15 days but the vast majority of cases are much quicker than that (please let us know if it ever takes longer).

European customers generally receive their orders within 15 working days and Rest of the World customers within 28 working days. 

Please note customs charges may apply when shipping outside of the UK which Lion Tower Miniatures ltd are ineligible for.  Please be prepared to pay any fees before placing an order with us.

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