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The Lion's Tower

Roderick, Ghoul Leader Rogue (32mm scale resin miniature with MDF base)

Roderick, Ghoul Leader Rogue (32mm scale resin miniature with MDF base)

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This product contains a single high quality 3D printed miniature, supplied fully cured with support material removed, ready for painting. 

The set includes the Ghoul Leader Rogue, as pictured.

Miniatures come with MDF bases supplied by Sarissa Precision.

"In a realm where dungeons, magic, and treacherous adventures were commonplace, there lived a rogue adventurer named Roderick. He was known for his dashing charm, quick wit, and nimble fingers, but his insatiable curiosity often led him into the darkest and most perilous of places.

One fateful day, Roderick ventured into the crypts beneath the long-forgotten city of Eldervale. He had heard whispers of an ancient amulet, said to hold the power of immortality. The promise of eternal life was too tempting for Roderick to resist, despite the warnings from his companions.

As Roderick delved deeper into the crypt, he encountered a horde of ghouls. It was a gruesome battle as they lunged and clawed at him, leaving him with a deep, infected wound. Struggling to fend them off, Roderick barely managed to escape with his life.

The wound, however, was unlike any other. It festered and refused to heal, and a sinister transformation began to take hold. Over the course of weeks, Roderick's once-charming appearance withered away, his flesh grew pale and ghastly, and his fingers turned into sharp claws. His insatiable hunger for flesh grew, and he realized that he was slowly becoming one of the very creatures that had attacked him in the crypt.

At first, Roderick struggled to come to terms with his new existence. He was shunned by his former comrades, and the world of adventurers now hunted him as the monster he had become. But as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, Roderick began to understand his ghoul nature.

With his quick reflexes and stealthy movements, he adapted to this new life. He soon found himself leading a pack of ghouls who had also been cursed by the infection from his wound. Together, they roamed the dark catacombs and haunted crypts, their eerie laughter echoing through the tunnels.

As the leader of this unlikely band of ghouls, Roderick embraced his role with a blend of dark humor and cunning strategy. He used his knowledge of traps, lock-picking, and stealth to guide his pack through treacherous dungeons, avoiding adventurers who sought to vanquish them.

Roderick's pack of ghouls, once seen as monsters, became a formidable force in the depths of the world. They were known for their cunning tactics and ability to navigate the most dangerous of dungeons. Roderick had indeed achieved a form of immortality, but it was far from the life he had imagined.

And so, the rogue adventurer, Roderick, who had once sought immortality, found it in the most unexpected way. He now led a pack of ghouls through the endless darkness, with a sardonic smile and a wit as sharp as his claws, forever bound to the shadows of the underworld.

This version of the tale shows how Roderick's transformation into a ghoul was a result of a ghoul scratch, serving as a reminder that even a seemingly minor wound can lead to a dark and unexpected destiny."

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Our resin of choice is Phrozen Aqua 4K - it is fantastic for picking up the detail on the miniatures and has enough flexibility once fully cured to be robust enough for regular handling and gaming. 

The printed models are thoroughly cleaned to remove any excess resin from the surface and all support material is removed* and the model is quality inspected to ensure that it meets our high standards.  They are then cured so they are safe for you to handle.

Some of our models may be supplied in multiple parts, and all are supplied with a separate base.  Simply test fit the parts dry so that you know how the model assembles, and then use superglue to fix the components together.  After holding the parts together for a few seconds, the glue should have cured and the parts will be fixed securely. 

The resin we use for 3D printing is UV curing, so exposure to UV light is what turns it from a liquid into a solid.  We supply the models perfectly cured and cleaned, ready to paint and game with.  Exposure to sunlight may continue to cure the resin resulting in a more brittle finish.  To preserve the flexibility of the models, please paint them as soon as possible - even a simple coat of primer is enough to block the sunlight and prevent excess curing.

*There may be some fine micro supports around the miniature but these can be quickly and easily removed using a scalpel or hobby knife.  

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