New sculpts for June's Bandits Release

New sculpts for June's Bandits Release

Good afternoon guys! I've just had to cut my stream short because the temperature has gone crazy in my office so thought I'll update you all as to what's going on this month.

I'm working on bandits and brigands (carrying on with the Descent into Avernus campaign), and I thought a bit of diversity in the group would be nice. I have a collection of human male and female bandits sculpted but still requiring poses,

One of my subscribers who is a regular viewer on my live streams requested an actor type bard character and though I don't have one in my collection yet, the thing that immediately sprung to mind is Count Olaf from the lemony Snicket series! I thought not only will he fit the bill for this request, but he'll also make a cool eccentric bandit boss character for this months set too!

(yes, those are crocs on his feet! That's what happens when I put suggestions out to the viewers on my streams!! )

I've also completed a female Dwarf and 2 male Dwarves and an Ogre, so you'll have a nice varied group of bandits! I'm going to also do a version of each with a hooded cloak so you can also use them as red cloaks in your Lost Mines of Pendelver campaign!

There are a few other bandits required in DIA, but those ones are supposed to be driven mad to the point of almost being ghouls, so I'll be doing a few gibbering, insane bandits as part of this collection too. If you have need of any specific bandits please shout up and I'll do what I can to include them!

I'd love to hear what you think of them so far so feel free to comment and let me know.



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