New releases in store for January 2023 and a new Free mini with every order over £40!

New releases in store for January 2023 and a new Free mini with every order over £40!

Happy New Year all!  

We're back for the new year with some new releases in store.  As always they are available in both resin and STL format.  All of these miniatures were sculpted on live streams last month.

First up we had the Quasits - I needed one for the familiar for Sylvia Savikas, but I thought I may as well go ahead and make a few so you can make better use of them in your games.  

A group of 3 Quasits - tiny little demonic minions that you can put to menial tasks like cooking and cleaning and delivering messages etc.  They are shown in a variety of poses with different facial expressions and horn styles for variety

After the Quasits, I worked on a swarm of Infernal Imps and through discussion with viewers I ended up giving them a variety of personalities which are evident in the sculpts.

A group of 5 infernal imps with bat like wings, scorpion tails and masks without eyes.  they are in a variety of poses including a fat one smiling and holding his belly, and another cocking his leg up and farting

There were also a few bonus models without the masks too!

3 imps shown without masks

The final part of the months release is the Hellhound Pack!  I was particularly happy with these guys and so were you by the looks of it as we had our first sale of them just hours after they were loaded up!  

Throughout December, anyone that ordered over £40 worth of resin miniatures received our special festive Dwarf miniature for free.  We have decided that we will carry this on each month.  For January, we will be Including the Tressym known as Slobberchops with each spend in excess of £40. You won't need to add him to your cart, he'll be added automatically once you pass the £40 spend requirement.  

On a final note, thank you all for your support over the last year and for sticking with us through the various changes we've gone through!  Here's to a happy and prosperous year for all!!


Dan & Hayley

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