Crystal Collapse development Update - Miniatures are done and the game is awesome!

Crystal Collapse development Update - Miniatures are done and the game is awesome!

Things have been very busy with Crystal Collapse and the whole game has been all go across 2 countries!  There's been me (Dan) working in the UK on the getting the miniatures finished off, and Max in Germany working on the game itself.  

The rules of the game have changed quite significantly since its first incarnation! Max has been playtesting the game with a group of testers and their feedback has been instrumental in refining and polishing the rules into the slick system that it is today.  "Easy to pick up but difficult to master" is the mantra that we've had since the beginning and it certainly lives up to that now!  Max is working with Vuong to get the rule book print ready and the great news is that we now have a completed German version of the rule book and the English translation is also done.  I'm currently going over the text of the English version giving it a fluency pass and it's almost complete - next will be to go over all the profile cards and the quest book, which again are already complete in their German form!

I should also add that the feedback we're getting on the finished game is overwhelmingly positive and fills us with hope and joy and the knowledge that we're doing something that is really good and very well recieved!

Max has also created a beautiful premium MDF box which looks like a big chunky magic tome!  We will be offering this box as part of our Deluxe Grimoire edition.  Don't worry though, you'll be able to buy the box on its own later if you get the core game and change your mind later!

For the miniatures, we are going to be offering a DIY starter bundle consisting of the core game with your choice of 2 starter character packs.  There will be 3 character packs available on launch which are as follows:

House Besalia - consisting of (left to right) Victoria, Kurado, Roland and Lilly

House Besalia character pack  

The Court of the Kingdom of Vaaland - consisting of (Left to Right) Joshua, Lisara, Hector and Nagold

 The Cat Folk of Giza - consisting of (Left to Right) Hana, Gil, Taro and Feena

We also have our special limited edition preorder bonus mercenary miniature that will be shipped with all preorders where the customer also signs up to the mailing list.  We call this one The Hobbe Hunter!

Be sure to get yourself signed up for the mailing list to ensure you don't miss out on this limited edition miniature!

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