August Release - Flaming Fists!  More mercenary company support

August Release - Flaming Fists! More mercenary company support

A while back I released Captain Zed's Mercenary company - my own imagining of Captain Zodge's retinue from the start of the Descent into Avernus campaign.  They've been a very popular purchase for many customers, but I've frequently been asked to offer a missile support version of them too.  So this month I've finally got round to expanding the collection with an additional 6 new mercenaries armed with Crossbows

Pictured from left to right we have Jerico, Kassie, Marcus, Rembrandt, Adriana and Craig

I'm also working on a set of Plate mail armoured mercenaries to accompany Commander Porter who will also be getting released this month.  The base mesh is made and I'm just posing them up now.  

Mercenaries in plate mail -one male and one female - both shown unposed

Next month I'll be adding more to the Infernal legions with more devil varieties, so those of you that enjoyed the barbazus are in for a treat! 

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