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Kingdom of Talarius - Pandi and Portia Twin Court Mages

Kingdom of Talarius - Pandi and Portia Twin Court Mages

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This product contains STL files for a pair of models - Pandi and Portia, the Twin Court Mages, from The Kingdom of Talarius range. 

Our STLs are redeemed automatically to you after you complete your purchase.  You will receive the raw STL files which have been repaired in Netfabb to ensure trouble free files, and also the Lychee files for supports – This allows you to rescale the model, whilst maintaining the relative size of the support tips. You can also export your chosen files as supported STL files should you wish to use any other slicer. Please check our Hobby Tips section of the website for more information on these processes.

Sidney was in the one place above all others he would rather be, his workshop. Troublemakers would argue that his favourite place was one of the many taverns around Oakesgate, but Sidney would quickly interject that these were the best places to foster ideas as good beer loosens the brain!  Included among the best ideas that he'd had, during lubrication, was the airship, a concept cooked up with Abel during one of their infamous drinking sessions.  Initially, the idea of airships had sounded ludicrous. However, people had once again underestimated Sidney's superior skill and technical genius.  Mixed in with him being bloody-minded, he had used all his ability to create a craft that was both fast and agile.  Today though, the one he was currently surveying needed "tweaking", and he had put aside the morning to do just this.

"And for tweaking, there is nothing better than my favourite wrench,' He muttered to himself as he reached out to pick it up from where he had just put it down.  But the wrench wasn't there.  Turning to look this time instead of just patting with just his hand, Sidney couldn't see it anywhere.  "Where has that gone? I've only just put it down, and now I can't find it. This is ridiculous!" he grumbled.   In a fit of rage, the old dwarf starts to bang and crash around like a bad-tempered old bear, first lifting one thing and then another, culminating in him rummaging through his workbench for the now missing tool.

Above this din, a child's giggle can be heard from the balcony above. Looking up to where the sound came from, floating just above his head, is his missing wrench.  Each time the old dwarf jumps to try and grab it, the wrench floats that little bit higher making him rage and shout, causing more and more joy for the pranksters.  Laughing so hard, two young children identical in age spill out from behind a curtain. The sight of the dwarf trying to propel himself into the air and missing his target proving to be just too much for them.

Spying the twins as the ones behind yet another prank at his expense, Sidney immediately knew what to do. "Lily, Lily, the twins are causing trouble again!" he boomed, laughing out loud at the same time.  "That's not fair, Little Uncle calling for Lily's help", the twins knew how tough she could be.  Lily was the person who they called upon to put out actual fires caused by the Twins during their frequent temper tantrums.  With the threat of Lily approaching, the twins were off scampering away, looking for their next victim.

Sidney knew the twins were just children playing pranks, and usually, he would be encouraged to join in, but today he wanted to finish what he had started with the airship.  Musing to himself, sharing a sense of humour with King Garamond, who was just as bad as they were for playing pranks, was why they got away with so much.  That and the fact they were still just children. Children, he thought, shaking his head, the most potent fire mages in the kingdom are just two younglings.  Each twin could amplify the ability of the other to furious and frightening heights! And being so young, Sidney was as protective of them as if they were his own.

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