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Kingdom of Talarius - Captain Callan (32mm scale resin miniature with MDF base)

Kingdom of Talarius - Captain Callan (32mm scale resin miniature with MDF base)

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This product contains a physical high quality 3D printed miniature, supplied fully cured with support material removed, ready for painting. 

Captain Callan from The Kingdom of Talarius range, is a single miniature, as pictured.

Miniatures come with MDF bases supplied by Sarissa Precision.  

As the nation teetered on the brink of utter chaos, out of nowhere, a lone man arrived in Oakesgate, the kingdom's capital city, announcing himself as King, taking the crown and sitting atop the throne.

The man had an air of power and an aura that commanded respect from those around him. Despite his arrival, rioting broke out in the streets as the gang and guilds' heads refused to acknowledge him and attempted to remove this false King.

Over the weeks that followed, Garmond personally thwarted many assassination attempts, each time offering the assailant a chance to repent and serve him. His prowess in dealing with these attackers and his noble and merciful ways won him the respect of the Talarian Military leaders, who chose to pledge loyalty to him.

The first to swear allegiance were the elite Order of the Black Wing. Commanded by the legendary Dark Knight, these elite knights fought both on foot and mounted and utilised the wondrous Talarian Air Ships that make up the Black Wing Armada. In the absence of the Dark Knight. King Garmond appointed the Black Wing as his bodyguard, recolouring their armour from the traditional Dark Blue and gold to his own preferred green and gold, creating the "Kingsguard".

The Kingsguard consists of several separate units, each with a focused combat speciality. The Shield Guard, led by Captain Callan, specialise in close combat and melee defence and are often found at the side of the King himself. They have perfected defensive tactics, protecting their ruler with their own lives if needed.   

The Glaive Guard, led by Captain Zahurd, are deployed as palace guards armed with large ornamental runic Glaives. Due to their rigorous martial training, they wield this weapon to devastating effect. When formed upon the battlefield, the Glaive Guard are a tight fighting force that can keep the enemy out of arms reach. It is not unknown for them to deploy behind the Shield guard fighting through the shield wall. 

The Greatswords, led by Captain Amara, wield massive two-handed rune blades, which only the very strongest of the Kingsguard recruits can learn, enabling them to join the ranks. However, their strength and stamina are legendary, and despite their weapon of choice, the enemy is likely to tire long before the Greatswords do. 

Last but not least, there is the Kingsguard Cavalry, led by Captain Gul'dar. All the Kingsguard have animal companions who live in an enormous stable complex adjoining the Oakesgate Barracks. As the creatures are born, each warrior is allocated one as their mount. They hand rear this new animal companion from a baby creating a special bond. 

The sidearm of choice for the Kingsguard is the Falcata, a broad-bladed short sword perfect for chopping and capable of cleaving an opponent in two. Wielded by the skilled Kingsguard warriors, these blades are most deadly.

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Our resin of choice is Phrozen Aqua 4K - it is fantastic for picking up the detail on the miniatures and has enough flexibility once fully cured to be robust enough for regular handling and gaming. 

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The resin we use for 3D printing is UV curing, so exposure to UV light is what turns it from a liquid into a solid.  We supply the models perfectly cured and cleaned, ready to paint and game with.  Exposure to sunlight may continue to cure the resin resulting in a more brittle finish.  To preserve the flexibility of the models, please paint them as soon as possible - even a simple coat of primer is enough to block the sunlight and prevent excess curing.

*There may be some fine micro supports around the miniature but these can be quickly and easily removed using a scalpel or hobby knife.  

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