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The Lion's Tower

The Therion, Ifrit - Lord of Fire (32mm scale Resin Miniature - LARGE!)

The Therion, Ifrit - Lord of Fire (32mm scale Resin Miniature - LARGE!)

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The Therion Ifrit is a large model around 120mm tall with an 80mm scenic base included.  

The truth of our tale was the Barghest was the high lord of a hoard of feral goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears and trolls.  While Cedric spent the Winter with the Order of the Golden Lotus, his enemy had returned, licking his wounds to his mountain home where he first planned and then initiated an offensive at Oakesgate, sat at the foot of the Drakespine mountains.  Barghests feed on the souls of their victims to grow in power. Therefore his plan was a simple one to devour enough souls to be elevated to a demi-god after his assault.   

With the first signs of Spring, the green horde, whipped into an absolute frenzy by their monstrous leader, descended the steep paths out of the uplands, their numbers turning the mountainside green. Then, still groggy with Winter, the warning signals of Oakesgate were sounded slowly, the massive horns first initiating the alarm followed by the lighting of substantial signal fires indicating for its people outside to come to the city to seek protection inside its walls. 

The goblins mindlessly cut their way through the border villages and smaller towns, killing all those before them who react too slowly to the warnings.  With only small garrisons of the Talarian army located outside the city gates, the Talarians initially suffers hefty losses as they found themselves underprepared for the onslaught.  

Eventually, in time, the entire army mustered on the field of battle to launch a counter attack against the  goblin horde.  The goblin numbers are massive, outnumbering the Talarian force vastly.  With a concern of becoming overwhelmed, Lydia steps up with a small detachment of Kingsguard to defend her.  Bowing her head, she begins to chant.   At first, a runic circle of red light appears on the ground around her feet, beams of light shooting up around her, magical runes forming in the light, changing shape and then disappearing.   The ground in front of her feet begins to crack.  the crack spreads out rapidly toward the oncoming horde and magma starts to pour out of the crack.  Suddenly, the ground erupts, and a fountain of molten fire engulfs the closest goblins.  From out of the centre of the explosion, a giant creature forms into the mighty Therion, Ifrit the Lord of Fire!

Straight away, the Therion's flaming claws are swiping at the goblins, incinerating them with its touch alone, sending their burning bodies flying this way and that into their ranks.  Ifrit smashes them, throws them, eats a few and ultimately leaps into the air, creating a giant fireball in his hands, hurling it into the centre of the goblin mass. 

Realising the summoner is behind the fire demons appearance, a unit of goblins make a beeline for her, driving through the enemy, determined to reach their target.  Physically drained by summoning the mighty Therion, Lydia first begins to sway on her feet and then begins to lose consciousness.  As this happens, two guards catch her carrying the exhausted caller to safety whilst her Shield Guard using instinct alone, formed a wall of shields in front of her to enable her an unhindered retreat.   With the rest of her bodyguard closing in to receive their attackers, the goblins realise their brave assault is now futile and flee.  As her consciousness fades, the power keeping Ifrit on the mortal plane wanes and the link is severed, sending the Theriion back to his home on the aether plane. But not before the almighty Fire Lord has caused enough damage to the enemy to turn the tide of the battle.

Battered and beaten by the Talarians, with their numbers beginning to break, the goblins are sent scuttling back to the mountains.  The Ranger Corps set up stationed watch towers all across the Drakespine to ensure that they receive sufficient warning of a significant surprise attack in the future.  The reason for this? Unfortunately for the victors, the Barghest survived the battle, strategically withdrawing from the conflict to fight another day. 

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