What is Crystal Collapse?

Crystal Collapse is a tactical tabletop wargame which brings the feel of classic tactical JRPGs from the games console to the tabletop.  If you've played Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre before, the mechanics should feel comfortably familiar. Using a 40mm grid and played across multiple different elevations, the gameplay is driven by a combination of playing cards and D20 dice, with the character's facing and elevation being of critical importance to both attack and defence.

Players can create their parties from an array of characters each representing a suite from a standard card deck (heart, diamond, spade and club). Adventure parties are formed using 1 character from each suite which ensures that parties are balanced. You can then engage in a number of different play modes for a fun and engaging game with massive replayability.  

Whether you're looking for a game to play casually or in a longer standing campaign; either with friends or alone, Crystal Collapse will bring you hours of gaming fun and hobby enjoyment

Low model count with beautifully sculpted 40mm miniatures

The game is played with just a handful of miniatures a side, each one representing a suit from the deck of cards based on their function in the game.  Characters are balanced for the role they fulfill, so you simply pick one character for each suit and you have your party.

The miniatures are all sculpted in house by Master Sculptor Dan Kelly, and are beautifully proportioned and stylized to suit the anime aesthetic of the game whilst providing you with large smooth surfaces and exaggerated details to aid you in the painting experience.  

With just 4 models per side, even the slowest of us will be able to their A Team painted and ready for gaming!

Our Unique Selling Point - The Living Story!

Aside from a fantastic game and beautiful miniatures we are also going to be offering ongoing and regular support for Crystal Collapse.  

We will have a LIVING STORY, which will be driven by YOU, the players!  

We will then offer you regular new content in the form of "Seasons" (like your favourite TV shows), where we will give you multiple scenarios to play through.  We will ask you to report the results of your games back to us, collate the results together and the results of YOUR GAMES WILL SHAPE THE FUTURE OF OUR STORY!  

Some characters may be changed forever or even killed off altogether, whilst new heroes will step into the story and provide you with a refreshing opportunity to mix up your party formation. 

New characters means new sculpts so you will get an ever changing and evolving miniature range to grow your collection with.

Every player that contributes towards the season story will receive an entry on our Season wall of fame!

  • Hector de Maris XIV

    Hector is the King of the kingdom of Vaaland. He is brave and loving, though can also be impulsive and sometimes selfish, appearing to have multiple personalities, a trait which those faithful to the crown can struggle with at times.  He carries the sword Excalibur, the de Maris family heirloom and is determined to hunt down and destroy all of the Crystals, no matter the cost.

  • Lisara Von Rosenburg

    Lisara (or Lisa to her friends) is the King's Justicar, Eldest daughter of house Von Rosenburg and a Paladin of the realm.  She is brave and valiant and sworn to protect the Kingdom of Vaaland and acts as Judge, Jury and Executioner for the King.  Despite her love for Kurado, her sense of duty and honour are what she values most in the world.

  • Naguld

    Naguld is a young but promising mage from the Magical College of Almanac. He is incredibly studious and diligent making him an excellent researcher. As such his knowledge of the Arcane is virtually unparalleled, though his skills in practice are still developing. Before leaving to join the Magical College of Almanac, Naguld and Hector were childhood friends, and now he is one of the Crown's most trusted advisors when it comes to anything of a magical nature.

  • Joshua

    Joshua was an orphan on the streets when a kind man took pity on the poor waif and brought him into his home. The man was Duncan Highwind, last Dragoon of house Highwind and with no heir, his bloodline was soon to end. Duncan adopted and raised Joshua as his own son and named him his heir, teaching him the ways of the Dragoon. Joshua has grown to be quite confident in his abilities, and rightly so, though his pride and cockiness can be his downfall.

  • Kurado Besalia

    The eldest son of House Besalia and master of the Greatsword fighting style, Kurado is a national hero and is loved by all who know him. He and Lisara were betrothed to unite House Rosenburg and House Besalia, but Lisara became the King's Justicar and took the vows of abstinence.

  • Viktoria & Nudle

    Viktoria is the childhood friend of Roland, Kurado's younger brother despite not being of noble blood. Growing up, Roland was always a little slow to pick up his martial training so Viktoria always helped him to practice. Through this she became a very accurate shot with a bow. She also has a fondness for animals, and is very rarely seen without her faithful pet squirrel-fox Nudle.

  • Roland Besalia

    Roland is the youngest child of house Besalia. In his youth Roland found it difficult to focus on his training having always been a free spirt, but being faced with the prospect of being sent away to the monastery become a monk, Roland turned to his friend Viktoria to help him and today thanks to her help, he is master of the Dual Wielding fighting style.

  • Lilly

    Lilly is a mage from the Magic Academy of Almanac who is allied to house Besalia. She is young but wise beyond her years and has proved to be a very valuable asset to the Noble family.

  • Feena

    Feena is a priestess of the Ailouros tribe. As the first daughter of a noble house she was given to the temple on her 5th birthday and raised by the clergy and taught in the ways of white magic. her whole life has been spent preparing her for greatness, though in what form she is yet to discover.

  • Hana

    Hanna is just 12 years old and is also a member of the Ailouros tribe. The third daughter of her family, Hanna has been trained for combat her whole life and is dedicated to protecting the priestess Feena. She doesn't speak much, preferring to listen and observe her surroundings at all time. Hanna isn't physically strong so to gain an advantage on her foes and those who would harm the priestess, she employs stealth and precision, along with a variety of secret techniques

  • Gil

    Gil, a Berserker of legendary repute, embodies the essence of unbridled fury on the battlefield. His very presence sends shivers through the hearts of adversaries, for he is a fearsome warrior, a tempest of unstoppable rage in combat. Though formidable, Gil's nature is as unpredictable as the winds that sweep across the plains. In the throes of battle, he dances on the fine line between chaos and calculated brutality, making him both a wonder to behold and a terror to those who dare to stand against him.

  • Taro

    The Ailouros people were once human and have their feline features due to an ages old curse. Taro is a master Alchemist and has spent years trying to cure this curse (the ears are cute but those hairballs!! eugh!) Unfortunately though, Taro's experiments resulted in him becoming polymorphed into a bizarre fairy-dragon-boar type creature. As it happens Taro quite likes his look now though!

  • Dynamic TJRPG Style Gameplay

    We wanted to bring the feel of classic TJRPG games to the tabletop, and we think we've nailed it! The game is played on a 40mm grid with the character's elevation position and facing being of critical importance. If you've enjoyed games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre, this mechanic will feel very familiar to you!

  • 40mm Scale Miniatures

    Crystal Collapse is a character focused game with a low model count, meaning that we can lavish attention on those characters making them as beautiful as possible. The larger scale gives you an improved painting experience, and the low model count means you can spend more time on them and really get to enjoy the process!

  • Living Story - help determine the future of Valeria

    Our key USP is our living story. We've written the story up to the present timeline, and we will be releasing "Seasons" where we will offer you, the players, a set of scenarios to play. We'll then ask for the results of your games and collate the data from all submissions and use that data to lock in the next chapter of the story with a direct impact on new miniature releases!

Crystal Collapse Products

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